Security Alert: Suspicious Website Warning

A website has been identified——as a possible phishing site. This website, mimicking the appearance and description of Collabria Financial, aims to capture sensitive cardholder details. Although the site was set up recently and is not currently active, its similarity to official channels is concerning. It's essential to remain alert and cautious.
How You Can Protect Yourself

Be Informed: Always ensure you're visiting the legitimate Collabria and [Your Credit Union's Name] websites before entering any personal information. Bookmark the official sites to avoid any confusion:

Exercise Caution: Avoid clicking on links from unknown or unsolicited sources, especially those asking for credit card information or personal details.
Regularly Review Statements: Keep an eye on your credit card statements for any unauthorized transactions. If something looks amiss, report it immediately to Collabria at the contact information provided on their official website.
Educate Yourself: Familiarize yourself with the signs of phishing attempts and how to respond. Our website offers resources and guidance on recognizing and reporting suspicious activities.

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