It all began in the 1940s when banks were charging outrageous fees and making it difficult for people to receive a loan. Credit unions were established in communities with the vision of offering services at cost, with the criteria for granting credit based primarily on the character of the applicant. For over 75 years, Rosenort Credit Union has offered Canadians a better way to bank.


On March 6, 1940, fourteen shareholders each purchased a $5 share into what become the Rosenort Credit Union.


We moved into our own offices after the construction of our first new credit union building at a cost of $5,000. Having a building to call our own allowed business to take place on three afternoons each week.


A new building was constructed in August 1965 worth $35,000. Full time hours, new modern facility, and stable management saw assets grow from $100,000 to $1,000,000. 


A change in the Credit Union Act allowed the Rosenort Credit Union to accept members from outside areas. Technological advancement saw our banking system upgraded from ledger cards to electronic data processing. 


By 1988, assets increased to $20 million. This cued the installation of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and the use of an on-line data processing system which allowed accounts to be updated overnight.


Upon reaching $54 million in assets, the board of the Rosenort Credit Union decided it was time to build a new office. June 24, 1995 marked the ribbon cutting of the 13,600 sq. ft. facility.



On December 5, 2011, with assets of $203 million Rosenort Credit Union responded to the growing demand from the Southern Manitoba area by opening up a satellite office in Altona, MB.


IMG 09122016:

With assets nearing $350 million, Rosenort Credit union opened our Pembina Valley Branch in Winkler, Manitoba!




In February 2018, RCU's satellite office in Altona, MB became a full-service branch to be able to provide cash services to the community.